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Outdated samples

Online reputation

Controversial online reputation


Annoying extra features

About PayForEssay Service

Comprehensive PayForEssay Review

In this comprehensive and informative review, I will thoroughly analyze a company that has been in the essay writing business for several years. While they offer low prices and claim to hire only ENL writers, PayForEssay has a controversial reputation. Some reviews say the company provides excellent service, while others call them unprofessional.

The availability of numerous reviews can confuse someone thinking of hiring a writer from their platform for the first-time delivery. But if you want to make an informed decision, check out this honest review and determine whether PayForEssay gives value for money.

What a Student Should Know About

The website for is well designed, and the main page contains relevant information that assists a client in knowing more about the company. For instance, from the About US page, a student can know that the service company was started over a decade with the intention of offering dissertation writing assistant. However, they later expanded their services and now offer any academic task, including an essay.

The company claims to have hired over 3,000 native English writers who are also graduates. To prove PayForEssay indeed hires pros, I looked at their samples. The quality of writing was okay. Nevertheless, the list of sources added to the essay was all outdated.

For an academic assignment to receive a high score, the list containing all the sources must be recently published and accepted in academia. Otherwise, the professor will view the sources as outdated, and even if the text is high quality because of a bad reference, the client will not receive an impressive score.

The samples, each containing at least one wrong reference, should tell you a lot about the company. Because if they make such grave mistakes that can cost a student a good grade, an individual cannot trust such an online platform to deliver a flawless academic task.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is crucial that a student who wants to try the service for the first time makes an informed decision by knowing the bad and the good to expect.


  • Low price for every paper;
  • 15% discount for a first purchase;
  • Claim only subject experts with impressive qualifications are hired on their team.


  • Extra features that are not beneficial to the customer;
  • Outdated samples;
  • Controversial online reviews and reputation.

A Doubtful Online Reputation

For any online writing business to thrive, it must have a great online reputation. Unfortunately, that is not the case with While Yes, they do have several good reviews, but the negative ones are too many to ignore.

The bad reports highlighted one central issue: the content quality every customer received was flawed because it was composed by an incompetent author. This made me doubt the company, so I dug deeper to ascertain whether can be considered dependable.

A first-time customer who wants to order an essay or any other writing service and pay may wonder whether is legit? Having an in-depth look at the guarantees is the best way to obtain accurate explanations.

PayForEssay Promises

One factor that can attract a student to the platform is the guarantee given to every customer that their academic project shall be worked on by a subject expert who understands all the nuances of the English language. Giving free revision as long as it’s requested in 2 weeks after the customer gets the task is another guarantee stated by PayForEssay.

What a client should know before ordering any service is that by agreeing to pay, expect to receive a document that is only 95% original. Furthermore, punctuality is another promise rarely kept. Instead, they justify the lateness by claiming that only 3% have been missed so far. No student wants to hand in their assignment late as it can result in marks being deducted or the professor refusing to accept the task.H2: Services OfferedThere is nothing unique about the service gives as they are categorized based on subject, citation style, and type of academic task.

List of Subjects Covered

While the list of subjects a client can order from PayForEssay is long, every order is unique, and the complexity determines the set price. The time frame selected for each task also determines the final cost a customer will pay. Services offered related to academic subjects include:

  • Chemistry;
  • Geography;
  • Philosophy;
  • Law;
  • Finance and accounting;
  • Education and many others.

Type of Citation Styles

While the samples contained at least one wrong reference, the company claims to know all citations styles, such as:

  • MLA;
  • Chicago;
  • Harvard;
  • APA and many others.

List of Academic Papers claims to have a professional team that does all type of academic papers, be it:

  • Essay;
  • Dissertation;
  • Thesis;
  • Coursework;
  • Term paper;
  • Literature review.

A Messy Order Form

Every student wants the order process to be straightforward and secure from their favorite online writing service. However, that is not the case with the PayForEssay type of order form. It was messy and not visually pleasing.

Features like receiving any updates through the SMS method and even the top premium writer were already selected without a customer’s consent. The two mandatory choices cost the task 40% more. This proves that has a poor customer-centric strategy for their business which is one of the reasons why they have a negative review.

Price of Papers

What prices should a customer expect from PayForEssay? The company has set the cost of their service to be affordable since it also includes a free revision. It’s not the cheapest, but compared to other companies that charge an exorbitant price for a similar essay, PayForEssay is affordable.

The standard starting price is $13.18. Even if the price still seems high, the 15% discount given to first-time customers will lower the final cost even further.

Type of Quality to Expect

Don’t be lured by the promise that exceptional quality will be provided is because that is false. The lack of ENL writers means the English level was okay, but the completed content had a few grammatical errors. However, even with the errors in the order I received, I did not bother to ask for a revision because the quality I got was sufficient to prove that the subject expert is not hired by the company.

Support Agents Are Unprofessional

A professional customer care representative will be polite, patient, and good listeners. But all that seems to be lacking from the support agents hired by PayForEssay. All support agents gave vague answers unrelated to the question and a satisfactory explanation about the refund policy. The only answer I did get pointed out that only the QAD handles every refund.

I realize the agents were dillydallying, plus never were they forthcoming with the responses as you would expect from a reputable online service. So my overall verdict on is that just like each of their writer, the support agent is also unprofessional and unqualified.

Extra Service to Expect

I wish to complete this comprehensive PayForEssay review by discussing the extra service that this company offers. One feature that stands out is the freedom to order an academic project to be written only by a top premium writer. This unique feature will cost a customer an additional 30%. A customer also will further incur an additional $14.99 for a plagiarism report and $24.99 for a single-page summary.

Setting the order as high-priority is another extra feature to expect from PayForEssay. It operates with the promise that when a customer pays for this option, their essay shall first be given to a writer. Still, a customer who does take this choice will only end up wasting their money because the writer who is assigned the order shall still not do an exceptional job.

Another extra feature that does not result in value for money is the QAD evaluation. The company permits a customer to pay extra just for their paper to be corrected by the QAD. The shocking part is that the fee is 90% of the total price of the order. To me, this is another way to charge extra despite the moderate price of an order.


Is PayForEssay a scam?

No, this company strives to give academic writing help. However, the guarantee of having a competent ENL writer is a scam because the writer who completed my paper left numerous grammatical errors.

Is PayForEssay reliable?

The company lacks several guarantees, including timely delivery and 100% original papers. So when you order expecting to-notch content, expect to be disappointed. Slow communication means the answers given from customer care shall leave you with doubts.

Is PayForEssay safe?

An online writing service that does not keep its promise cannot be called safe. Yes, the free revision guarantee is great, but they don’t come in handy if the agreed time has already elapsed. Besides, the need to pay extra to get the QAD to proofread the document means the writer preferred is incompetent.

Is PayForEssay trustworthy?

Their online reviews are questionable. Every bad testimonial highlights the writer used terrible English in writing. Thus can’t be called a trustworthy writing service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayForEssay legit?

This service aren’t guarantees of timely delivery and paper uniqueness, so ordering is big risque for students.

Is PayForEssay scam?

I can say No. The company is real and provides academic help to students. But when I paid for type of writer and got a paper with mistakes.

Is PayForEssay reliable?

So ordering urgent papers is risque, don’t forget that there is no timely delivery guarantee.

Is PayForEssay safe?

I can call a company unsafe. So service doesn’t guarantee timely delivery and paper quality.

Is PayForEssay trustworthy? has a consumer rating  on sitejabber of 4.73 stars from 89 reviews. But the main complaint is bad English! I wouldn’t call this company trustworthy.

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Real customer reviews about PayForEssay

Blaze Murphy

PayForEssay offers the best writers to complete your assignment when you can’t. They offer with a revision chance or a refund if you do not like the assignment. I have ordered from one people twice for economics, and she has been efficient. Most of the writers are expert and affordable to hire. You can negotiate with them for the fee. You can add your deadline, so there is nothing to worry about. It is helpful when you have a lot of assignments.

Eleanore Wiggins

I don’t know what you guys used However, I ordered my whole find architecture project / thesis with them. They assigned an actual architect for me. He assisted me from concept initiation to design and everything. He even did 3D and rendering of the end project. I couldn’t imagine I could do this project without these. Thanks.

Alexandra Nichols

I have utilized this service on a few occasions and I have not been let down. The writers are very professional and the company customer service is fast if you have questions or concerns. They made my experience very rewarding when I was not ready to get things done on my own. They saved me and I would surely recommend them!

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