EssayShark Review


Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly design.
  • You can find an author with perfect grammar.
  • Wide range of services.
  • Ability to order academic paper at an affordable price.
  • Many reviews on trust sources.
  • Refund Option.
  • Free plagiarism checker.
  • Customer support 24/7.


  • Lack of discounts.
  • There is no loyalty program.
  • Free re-works are possible only by prior agreement with the author.
  • The support service is mostly robots with templates.


Is Essayshark a safe website?

It is a completely safe website for your personal information. Also, numerous reviews that we studied in writing this article say that not a single student was caught using the service. Still, in any case, when using auction-based services, you cannot be 100% insured against the author’s dishonesty.

Why students don’t you like Essayshark?

Some students do not like the bidding system. They do not want to waste time on additional author search and selection processes. Also, students sometimes complain about the poor choice of source materials.

Is Essayshark a legit company?

This legal company guarantees that the texts will be 100% unique and free of plagiarism. Thus, the teacher will not know that you have used the services of the firm. In any case, this is what the customer reviews and the administration say. For yourself, you should always be aware of the possible risks.

What writers work for Essayshark?

The writers can be completely different, both native English-speaking and not. The prices for which they agree to work are also different. With everyone who seems to be suitable for the task, you can communicate personally and see one’s rating. The administration assures that all writers pass professional suitability tests, but we could not find how true this is.

Can I rely on Essayshark?

We believe that you can rely on the resource in the writing of your student papers. Judging by the reviews, the answer to “is Essayshark legit?” is “yes”. However, do not forget that an auction-based service is always a game of chance, and you may also find a bad writer.

Is Essayshark expensive?

No, this is an inexpensive company available to every student. Of course, the more difficult or urgent the task, the more expensive it will be, but the prices are still quite reasonable.

Is Essayshark trustworthy?

Having studied many reviews on trust sources, we concluded that you could trust your task to the company’s writers if you have a low budget.

Will Essayshark follow my instructions?

Authors who respond to your bid will try to follow your instructions as much as possible. From timely delivery depends not only will they receive money or not, but also their rating too.

Will Essayshark refund my payment?

You will be able to get a refund of your money if the paper you ordered came with a long delay or does not meet the terms of the order.

Can I cancel my order at Essayshark?

If you cancel your order before the writer starts working on it, you will receive a full refund. If the work has already been started, then you will receive from 20% to 100%, depending on what stage of writing the writer was.

Services & Prices


Students, with the help of the company’s services, will be able to order the writing on over 150+ disciplines. The company will be a good helper if you need to:

  • Write an essay for high school or college.
  • Write a resume.
  • Create a lab work.
  • Write a term paper.
  • Write a review for an article, book, or movie.
  • Create a presentation.
  • Rewrite the already existing text.
  • Edit the existing text.


According to the administration, most of their writers are native English-speaking authors with an academic degree, and all of them have passed the Essayshark grammar test. Is this true? We could not be sure, but we can say that the authors of Essayshark know English grammar and are well versed in their topic. We sincerely doubt that all of them are native English speakers, but they do their job well.


The prices on the website are affordable. As mentioned earlier, the minimum price per page is $7. Since the company works on a bidding system, you can find yourself a good writer at a low price with the proper level of luck. On the other hand, no one is safe from possible unsuccessful choices.


If your choice of a writer was unsuccessful and you received poor quality text, you can count on a 100% money back.

However, it is worth noting that the return most often occurs due to gross violation of deadlines or since no one wanted to work with your order. According to the site’s policy, you pay only for the text that suits you completely. For this reason, the chance of getting an unsatisfactory result from the author is small.

In our review, we give the company a 4.4 from 5. We liked the wide range of services, as well as the low starting price per page.

Loyalty Programs

Like many auction-based services, the company does not offer discounts. There is no loyalty program, no discount codes, Essayshark coupons, or any other way to save money. A student can save their money and pay less for orders only by searching for a cheaper contractor.

In our review, the company scores 4 for being able to save money on just choosing a writer. We would like to see more discounts or a loyalty program.

Ordering Process

Sign up process

The student should not have any problems with the registration process on the Essayshark website. It will be enough to enter your initials, indicate email and come up with a password.


Log in process

You can perform Essayshark login using the email and password specified during registration.

Order form

The order creation form is simple and concise. In it, you will need to indicate the email and select the type of paper. Also, when creating an order, do not forget to specify the price, the number of pages, and the date when you need the ready-made text.


How to Pay

To pay for the order, the student can use Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Also, payments can be made through Discover and AMEX services. Apple pay has also been supported recently.

In this section of the review, the service gets 4.5 from 5. A straightforward and understandable order form and a large number of payment methods are good.

Contact & Support

To contact the administration, you can use e-mail [email protected] or the application available in the Apple Store.

For Essayshark writing jobs, you can use [email protected]

We found many independent reviews that say that customer support does not always work as it should. In their reviews, customers often complain about the need to wait 15 minutes or more for their response. At the same time, they do not receive the necessary information at once because there are many robots in the support service that respond according to the template. For this reason, a student can rarely count on a quick solution to the problems and a refund.

In our Essayshark review, the company gets a 4.0 from 5 as we would like to see better customer service performance.

Online Reputation


The Essayshark Reddit has controversial reviews. We did not find a single review that said it was a good or bad service. All we could find was one Reddit question in which a person asked if this is a good place to order an essay. Some people in reviews said it was really good, and some argued that it was a terrible experience and that service should never be used. However, people who said that this service is terrible immediately added links to competitors. It seems that such answers cannot be considered reliable, as they look like rough advertising.


The company has 2 reviews on Trustpilot, and both are terrible. We do not know how true they are since the people who left both of these reviews wrote little information about what exactly happened to them and what they are complaining about. We do not believe such reviews are trustworthy.


On SiteJabber, the company has 94.5% positive reviews. People are absolutely satisfied with the service and recommend it to their friends. The administration person tries to respond to every review to make the service even better.

Social Media

The company has Twitter and Facebook pages, but they have been abandoned for a long time and have not been updated for several years. The information on them cannot be called up-to-date.

This review gives the firm a 4.2 from 5. We would like to see more activity on Facebook and Twitter.


If a student needs a service to order an academic paper at a low cost, then the company’s website is well suited for this. Of course, none of the students has immunity against possible troubles with an unsuccessful choice of an author, but Essayshark reviews on SiteJabber indicate that these cases are rare.

The main thing is that the order should not be very urgent since the author’s search and the support service’s slow work will require additional time.

The overall rating of the company in our review is 4.3 from 5.